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It’s a J.O.B!   And nothing makes a job easier than having the right tool.  A truly great tool converts ordinary effort into extraordinary results.  Imagine a tool that could turn your time and efforts into extraordinary sales results – for everyone in your company – service techs, office staff, other sales reps, everyone!  

As the image above shows, FlashQuote provides you with a combination of tools and utilities that can handle anything you need to sell to any homeowner.   It can do everything from a simple quote all the way to a proposal and contract that can include any combination of trade products (central forced air, ductless, boilers, and package units -  we also have optional modules for generators, plumbing, electrical, home performance, solar and more!   

FlashQuote does all of those things with remarkable speed and simplicity.  It can do ‘good-better-best’ proposals with up to SIX choices.

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Every central forced air system is properly matched and AHRI rated, priced right including promotional and financing costs and requirements, and every ductless system is precisely built according to the manufacturer’s specified capacity, accessory, and line-set requirements.

Getting started is easy.  We do all the ‘heavy lifting’ by doing the bulk of setup and customization work. When we deploy FlashQuote in your company, on day-one you have a fully operational ‘sales enterprise’ system that can instantly deliver priced and financed system options to smartphones, tablets or computers.   If you change what you sell, or how much you sell it for, or how you can finance it – those changes are easily made by you or by us if you prefer – then one mouse click pushes the changes you make directly to every member of your team.

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Old laptopHave you ever seen the first ‘laptop’ or ‘portable’ computer? This little beauty was made by Compaq back in 1983, it weighed 28 pounds, and it took nearly 7 minutes to turn on and start working. After about 10 minutes with it sitting in your lap, your feet would fall asleep. Back in the mid 1980’s I bought one just like this. As a full-time sales person for the largest natural gas merchandising utility company in the world, I found myself in a job that required repeatable, predictable, accurate, and rapid results from a number of different calculations and product selection variables, to correctly assemble and price each system that I offered to homeowners. Getting it right was very rewarding. But taking too long to get it right, or worse, getting it wrong was ridiculously expensive.

Well, to make a 35-year long story short,

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I had to build my own program back then because nobody offered what I needed. Ironically, I still hear the same thing from HVAC contractors today. Back then, once I built my first load calculator and bid generator, and started using it on every call, I discovered a fundamental truth about in-home sales; many customers want to buy and are ready to buy the first time you visit their home. The longer it takes to give them the chance to say ‘YES’, and the more times you have to come back, the farther you move from the likelihood of making the sale. I decided it was my personal responsibility to make sure that if ‘they don’t buy from me today, it wouldn’t be because I couldn’t give them the chance’.