Big Projects = Complicated Presentations and Proposals

Combine up to 5 seperate solutions into a single proposal/agreement

If you sell more than just central furnaces and air conditioners, then you already know that nothing is better than a customer who may need your recommendations and prices for multiple solutions. Even if that is all you sell, some homes need you to quote multiple systems at the same time.

Either way, you also know that the process of presenting the different solutions, and then maybe good-better-best options for each, with different controls, accessories, warranties, financing and rebates, then pricing it up and delivering a ready-to-sign proposal and contract is not a task for the weak-hearted.

The FlashQuote Combo-Job utility is a simple yet powerful way to show your customer every different solution, in any possible combination. You can instantly put things 'in' or take them 'out' - then show financing and rebates and create a proposal/contract that includes up to five (5) separate systems/solutions.

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